• Classic Professional Bench Stone

    8” x 3” Classic Professional Workshop Stone 300 /1000 grit

    The flagship stone which established the James Barry sharpening range as one of the best quality products throughout the World. A continual diamond surface on the 1000 grit (15 micron) ensures that there is no threat of “snagging” or “catching” when sharpening small or pointed tooling. Unique clearance channels have been made on the
    coarse side to clear away swarf and produce a keen edge fast and efficiently precision ground substrate ground to +/- 0.005" produces the perfect surface for flattening chisels, plane blades and traditional stones. Plane irons and chisels up to 75mm wide can be re-honed and sharpened in seconds.
    Clearly marked grit sizes on the stones surface enable easy recognition. Use
    with Original formula James Barry lapping fluid to guarantee a 5 yrs warranty. A cleaning block,
    fabric pouch and non-slip mat are included. This stone has established itself
    as being a world market leader since its release over 20 years ago .

    E8DBS Main 
  • Woodturners Stone

    180 / 300 The Woodturners stone
    180 / 300 grit double sided Woodturners credit card stone. Unique 1.6mm thickness means no flexing as in cheaper thinner products. The Stone is used to sharpen HSS hollow inserts/coring inserts, and repairing damaged edges. Used extensively for turning tools, can create a durable edge on roughing gouges in seconds and
    will give a tough lasting burr on a scraper, HSS hollowing / coring inserts. Stone 85 x 50 mm, plate 1.6mm, coarse/medium 180/300 Grit comes complete with red storage wallet. Guaranteed for 5 years when used with
    James Barry Sharpening Lapping Fluid. Like having your own mobile grinder in your pocket or toolbox.

    Woodturners Stones 
  • Leather Strops & Mirror Paste

    James Barry Sharpening products wanted to improve on the
    “pastes” which were available on the market and James wanted to find a product
    which was fast in working and also polishing to a remarkable finish. After two
    years of development “Mirror Paste” was created. It has swiftly risen to being
    regarded as one of the best products on the market. Apply this to the coarse
    side of the leather and watch the white paste soon turn black (this is the
    material being removed), then go onto the fine side of the plain leather to
    achieve the ultimate polished edge and razor sharp finish. Use on all tooling,
    chisels, plane blades, carving tools, skews, hunting knives, plastics, glass,
    jewellery, metalwork.

    Leather Strops & Mirror Paste