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James Barry Sharpening

Professional Sharpening Kit in wooden safety case - JBSPRO1

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Professional Sharpening Kit in wooden case - JBSPRO1

The Complete Professional Sharpening Kit all encased in a sturdy CNC  cut wooden case.

All you will need in your armoury for keeping all your tooling rasor sharp & containing our best selling Classic Professional 8" Stone.

Designed sourced and manufactured by James Barry Sharpening with over 30 years experience in the diamond sharpening trade.  


  • 1 x Classic Professional 8" x 3" 1000/300 grit diamond sharpening stone with a precision ground substrate to +/- 0.005" making it perfect for plane irons and chisels up to 75mm wide.
  • 1 x  Tenura fabric non slip mat for use under the classic Professional Stone
  • 1 x  3" x 2" (50 x 85 x 1.6mm) Credit card stone 1000/600 Grit. Superb for the Woodcarvers, craft work, scalpels , stanley blades, router bits etc.
  • 1 x  Double Sided Leather strop block. Rough to accomodate the Mirror Paste and smooth to polish to a fine rasor like hone with a mirror finish.
  • 1 x 100ml original formula Lapping fluid, a synthetic-based petroleum lubricant is specifically designed with the correct viscosity for using on electroplated diamond stones.
  • 2 x Mirror Paste - a Microfine paste that is 8,000 - 10,000 grit giving a fast super keen edge and a mirror like finish. Can also be used on a buffing wheel.
  • 1 x 3" (81mm) versatile half-round and flat tapered 400 grit file.Suitable for sharpening router cutters, forstner bits, woodturning gouges, internal & external bevel edges, skews, carving tools, saw blades, small chisels, serrated knives, pruners, shears etc
  • 1 x Cleaning block - Soft rubber cleaning block for the removal of all debris after the sharpening of tools on your diamond Whetstone.
  • 1 x CNC manufactured wooden box for keeping everything together and a neat storage solution.

This comprehensive Kit has everything you need to keep your tools sharp leading to the best resullts possible from your woodworking endeavours.


James Barry Diamond Stones are guaranteed for 5 years if you use the original formula lapping fluid