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James Barry Sharpening

The Professional Premium Strop Block - 8" - Double-Sided - LSBLOCK

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Premium leather strop block for honing and polishing.

Hand Made in the United Kingdom. 

Created by hand using the best quality hide, sourced also from the UK.

The leather (which is 4.5mm thick) is mounted onto a High density laminate block.

One side is coarse which is used to accommodate the James Barry Sharpening Mirror Paste and the other smooth to obtain taht rasor like edge and mirror finish.

 This does not just polish to an amazing standard but also puts on that final hone to achieve a scary edge.

This size is ideal to complement the range of bench stones that James Barry Sharpening has to offer.

Ideal for polishing carving tools, chisels, plane blades, gouges, hunting knives, quality kitchen knives, Stanley blades and razors.

Product Code LSBLOCK