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ScribeMaster Pro Scribing jig by ScribeMaster

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ScribeMasters unique jig for the fast, efficient and accurate scribes every time


ScribeMaster Pro

ScribeMasters Scribing Jig SMPro

Using a small offcut of the timber you would like to scribe you can create a near perfect joint in under 20 Seconds.

Simply fasten an offcut of the profile you require in the jig and slide the steel combs up to it to replicate the shape. Flip the combs over insert the timber you would like to scribe and then sit your router fitted with a 30mm guide bush and the cutter provided on the top plate and then follow the shape using the guide pin.  

Designed for scribing both left and right skirting boards and dado rail profiles but can be used for many profiles.

SMPRO setup showing offcut and combs


  • Patented design for the fast, efficient and accurate scribing of skirtings and dado rails.
  • Quick set up to create templates for cutting scribes.
  • Can be used for cutting different profiles into each other.
  • Body made from High Pressure exterior grade laminate.
  • All stainless steel combs section to prevent any rusting.
  • Repeat cutting from one template for speed and accuracy.
  • Has a built in angle for a nominal cut back to ensure an accurate fit.
  • Works with 'out of plumb' walls.
  • One cut measuring option using a sacrificial block.
  • Uses a tiny 4mm cutter to ensure you capture every detail, the cutter cuts from the back to give a clean finish.
  • Works with all routers with a 30mm gude bush and can be used with cordless routers with 1/4" or 8mm colletts.
  • A mounting kit can be purchased for installing alongside any mitre saw and fits most makes of stand.
  • Optional storage bag available.
  • Designed Manaufactured and Patented in the UK.


SMPro Skirting after cutSMPro Skirting showing joint

Available accessories

A) Carry / storage case  - Stock Code SMPROCASE

B) Mounting kit to attach SMPRO to a mitre saw bench - Stock Code SMPROMOUNT

C) Spare cutter - Stock Code SMPROCUT