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James Barry Sharpening

Needle Files - Pack of 4 - James Barry Sharpening - EDNEED

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A quality precision set of 4 different shaped needle files - 600 grit

As previously used in the British Aerospace industry and by the likes of Rolls Royce.

Perfect for carving tools, model engineering, small tools, removing welds, filing plastics and precious metals as in the jewellery industry, glass, in fact, any surface softer than diamond.  

The pack consists of:

1 x tapered/round,  

1 x tapered half flat/round,  

1 x flat  

1 x triangular/tapered 

All Fine 600 grit Monocrystalline diamond precision files.

Guaranteed for 5 years when used with James Barry Lapping fluid. 


Product Code: EDNEED