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Drainer Groove Plus - with Flex-Tech - ScribeMaster

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A multi insert jig for routing different styles of draining grooves in solid timber and compact laminate worktops.


  • Multi groove inserts give ability to offer different groove patterns
  • Insert can be removed to check quality finish without moving jig position.
  • With Flex-Tech to prevent bowing and improve accuracy. (see below)
  • CNC-Machined Compact Grade HPL provides precision, strength and durability.
  • 3 Support Screws to minimise jig deflection and maximise router support.
  • Multi Drainer Grooves at 0.5mm pitch and 455mm long.
  • Etched Sight Lines for quick setup.
  • In-Built 5° Fall to minimise setup time and remove the need for spacers.
  • Requires: ½” router (min.1300W), cutter and 2 x F-Clamps.
  • Cutter options: Cove Cutters 19.1mm (9.5mm or 6.0mm radius),  Flat Bottom Drainer Cutter 16mm (2.5mm radius)


Fall - 0.5 degree
Groove pitch - 50.0 mm
Groove length - 455 mm
Slat width - 19.8 mm
Length - 600 mm
Height - 585 mm
Width - 12 mm
Weight - 4.4kg

The standard pack contains 1 x DGPLUS with one insert plate (Straight and straight fan) but can also be bought with 2 inserts. (Straight and straight fan Plus Curved Fan and Lightning Fan)

The draining groove jig has the Patented Anti-Bow technology built in which allows for a series of stainless steel grub screws to be set to the worksurface to stop dishing in the worktop and prevent the pooling of water on the drainer.

ScribeMaster FlexiTech screws on draining Groove Jig DGJIG

An adjustable stainless steel grub screw on the underside of the insert prevents it bowing whilst still providing you with a constant 5º fall for the draining of water.

  • Easy to use Draining Groove jig with built in 0. fall 
  • Patented Anti-Bow Flexi-Tech Technology - Stops any chance of a bowing jig from the heavier router in todays market, preventing dishing of the drainer cut out.
  • Can be used with a variety of cutters from standard Cove cutters to the newer style flat bottomed cutter.
  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces from Solid Timber to Polymer Resins and Compact Laminates.
  • Laser etched markings to assist in fast and accurate set up.
  • Use with any plunge router with a 30mm Guide Bush.
  • CNC machined from High Pressure Laminate for durability and accuracy.
  • Designed, manufactured & Patented in the UK.

Finished Draining Board in Oak after using DGJIG by ScribeMasterScribeMaster Logo

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