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James Barry Sharpening

3" x 2" Double-Sided Diamond Credit Card Stone 1000 / 600 Grit

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Professional double-sided woodcarvers' credit card stone with fine and extra-fine 1000 and 600 grit.

Developed By James Barry Sharpening.

Details :

Width : 50mm Length : 85mm Thickness : 1.6mm

Grit : 1000 & 600  Fine finishing diamond credit card stone

A combination of fine and very fine finishes . Continual surfaces to prevent the threat of snagging or catching on smaller tooling. The unique 1.6mm thickness gives a robust feel to the product and means no flexing as in similar cheaper versions. This precision credit card stone is perfect for precision honing and gaining the keenest edge. It comes complete with blue storage wallet.

Superb for the Woodcarvers, craft work, scalpels , stanley blades, router bits etc.

Guaranteed for 5 years when used with James Barry Original Formula Lapping fluid.

 Product code: ECCSFF