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James Barry Sharpening

3” x 1” Diamond Sharpening Slip Stone 300/600 Grit - EP3FC

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A pocket-size handy small slip which combines these 2 general purpose grit sizes: 300 and 600.

Ideal for a quick touch up of a carbide / HSS router bit, Forstner bits and a knife. Can be used to touch up rotary carving tools such as Arbortec. 1.6mm thickness makes it robust and produces no flexing when in use. 

Guaranteed for 5 years when used with the original formula James Barry Sharpening Lapping Fluid.

The best introductory product to experience exactly what these products can do for you and save money and prolong the life of your tools.

Important Technical Information:

Grit & micron sizes are almost impossible to equate or translate into traditional grit sizes of water & oil stones, they are totally different. The grit sizes quoted on the following products are accurate to within the  parameters of international grading standards which is +/- 11% Therefore a 25-micron product may consist of diamond particles varying from  between 27.5 – 22.5 

Remember a human hair cut in half is approx 50 microns. 

180 grit/70 micron 300 grit/50 micron 600 grit/25 micron 1000 grit/ 5 micron 

All the products have a breaking in period, there is an excess layer of diamond which needs to be removed before the surface is at its optimum designed sharpening abrasion. 

Be careful when breaking in a coarse side (300 grit / 50 micron) to wipe down the tool thoroughly before moving to the fine side to avoid cross-contamination and therefore taking a much coarser diamond onto a much finer side – it will scratch it! 

Once the stone is worn in, you will not need to be quite so thorough as there is no longer a threat of cross-contamination. 

The actual cutting medium (micron size of diamond) is actually 1/3 rd of the quoted sizes. 

In construction, the precision ground substrate (+/- 0.005” flatness) is placed in a tank of nickel which is heated to a certain temperature. Then an electrical current is added which electroplates the nickel onto the surface. This includes diamond particles. Then the nickel is grown around the particles so that they are buries 2/3rds deep leaving 1/3rd exposed (the designed abrasive cut) Similar to the construction and appearance of an iceberg. 

The only way to quote the flatness of a diamond stone accurately is from the substrate only because of the variation of the diamond particles (+/- 11%) and because the new product does have to be broken in. 

This is why this range of diamond products is regarded as one of the best available. 

The diamond is electroplated directly onto a precision ground substrate.

Both sides are electroplated onto the same precision ground substrate giving the best possible flatness. 

The majority of other products are constructed by a “layer” system where a  plate is electroplated or impregnated with diamond and then stuck onto some sort of base material, either plastic or steel. 

Why? Because it's cheap and very easy to produce. Our production is the most complicated and complex but gives by far the best results. 

For the best quality, the diamond has to be electroplated directly onto the surface. 

Ensure that you use the James Barry Sahrpenng lapping fluid, the original fluid introduced into the Woodworking Industry by James Barry sharpening  Solutions some 20 yrs ago. Lapping fluid is a synthetic based petroleum lubricant formulated to be used with diamond compounds. 

This superior lubricant, with its penetrating qualities and oil/water solubility,  not only increases the cutting action but assures superior lubrication of every diamond particle throughout the honing process. 

Following the success of Lapping fluid, it has been copied and companies have tried to reproduce the original formula. The only brand now selling the original product is James Barry Sharpening.  

Product Code: EP3FC