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James Barry Sharpening

12" Diamond Knife Sharpening Steel - (30.4cm) 600 Grit

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12" (30.4cm) knife sharpening steel, as used by professional butchers, fishmongers, and caterers etc.

600 grit for super fast sharpening of all knives, scissors, etc. No more dangerous bashing of the knife into the old fashioned steels, just a few gentle strokes against the side of the diamond steel and your knife is now razor-sharp.

Made with a steel core and then electroplated with Monocrystalline diamonds for a superb even finish and fitted with a polypropylene ergonomic handle for comfort in use. The handle also has a built-in hanging eye for storing the steel after use.

The steel is resistant to rust and stains and has an exceptional life span if looked after properly.

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