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James Barry Sharpening

Original Formula Lapping Fluid for Diamond Abrasives - 500 ml - ELF500

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Specially designed fluid for use with Diamond abrasives, used in the engineering industry for over 35 years.

This is the original formula created by James Barry.

Oils that are sometimes used in sharpening are too thick for diamond sharpening and result in the tools skating over the substrate. The synthetic-based petroleum lubricant is specifically designed with the correct viscosity for using on electroplated diamond stones ensuring good contact between the tool and the diamond whilst reducing the possibility of excessive swarf and protecting the stone from rusting.

It has penetrating qualities and oil/water solubility for superb lubrication when in use. 500ml bottle.

This fluid, if used with the James Barry Sharpening range of diamond stones gives you the 5 Year Guarantee on the products.

Product code: ELF500