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James Barry Sharpening

8" x 3" General Purpose Diamond Bench Stone 8" - 600 /180 Grit

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This remarkable stone with a unique combination of 180 / 600 grit is ideal for sitework & Construction .

The 180 grit (70 micron) side with the unique clearance channels to clear away the swarf / debris removed by such an aggressive , fast abrasion which is more like a mobile portable grinder. It will re-shape or repair damaged edges which occur when working on site.

Then the 600 grit continual diamond surface will produce a quick shaving edge which is perfect for site / outdoor work.

The precision ground substrate ground to +/- 0.005" makes it perfect not just for plane irons and chisels up to 75mm wide but the 180 grit side is superb for flattening any water or oil stones that you still use. There are clearly marked grit sizes on the stones surface. 

Thew stone comes complete with a cleaning block, fabric pouch and a non-slip matt.

This stone is also a perfect addition for owners who already own the Classic Professional Workshop Stone which has established itself as being a world market leader since its release over 20yrs ago

***Flattening a water / oil stone : One of the greatest drawbacks of these stones is that they do not stay true. The advantages of a diamond stone is speed of cut, flatness over time and longevity.

Draw multiple pencil lines on the waterstone, place the diamond stone 180 upwards on the non-slip mat, apply plenty of lapping fluid to the surface and then begin to rub the waterstone (with minimal pressure- the weight of the waterstone only) forward and backwards. After a few monents lift the waterstone and see if the bottom is completely precision flat. You will notice the pencil marks have completely disappeared. If they have not repeat the process until flattening is complete. The whole process should take no more than a couple of minutes. On completion add more lapping fluid to the surface of the diamond stone and rub clean with a cloth, then give the surface a thorough clean with the cleaning block.

The surface will be as good as new.

Use with James Barry Sharpening Original Formula lapping fluid to guarantee a 5 yrs warranty.