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600 Economy Worktop Jig with SiteLine Technology by ScribeMaster

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The revolution in kitchen fitting has arrived !!

No more fiddling about measuring from the back of the worktop to line up your jig.
Use the front edge of your worktop to set up your jig using the SiteLine technology for faster, more accurate Masons Mitre worktop joints.


ScribeMaster KWJ650 Economy Worktop Jig

Simply mark your worktop with a small pencil line, insert the pins and use the 'SITELINE' window, to set the jig and cut,  Job Done !!

This Jig is Super easy to use making worktop cutting faster and more accurate.

This Technology is only available from ScribeMaster.

ScribeMaster SiteLine Window and Eye on KWJ650 Worktop Jig

  • Front Edge Setting using Patented SiteLine Technolgy.
  • Pegs in, line up using the SiteLine window, clamp and cut, Job Done !!
  • Laser engraved markings for clear set up & front edge datum points.
  • Compact Worktop jig for ease of transportation & storage.
  • Minimal peg holes for ease of use.
  • Cut both male and female mason mitres in minutes.
  • CNC machined from High Pressure Laminate for durability and accuracy.
  • Designed, manufactured and Patented in the UK.


 KWJ600 Worktop jig with showing features by ScribeMaster

Product code: KWJ650