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Straight Draining Groove Insert for DGPLUS & DGPRO by ScribeMaster

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Inner plate template for use with the Drainer Groove Plus & Pro jigs to create a straight slot & straight fan drainer grooves in solid timber and solid surface worktops.

  • With Flex-Tech to prevent bowing and improve accuracy. (see below)

  • Made from 12m(m hardwearing CNC machined Compact Grade High Pressure Laminate.

  • Requires suitable plunge router with 30mm guide bush and R9.5mm cove cutter with long shank.

  • Must be used with the DG PLUS/PRO jig frame to maintain 0.5 degree fall.


Pitch - 45 mm to 75 mm
Groove length - 438 mm
Guide bush - 30 mm
Plunge router - 1/2-inch
Cutter - Cove R9.5 mm
Length - 500 mm
Width - 500 mm
Thickness - 12 mm

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What is Flex-Tech & why is it important?

Flex-Tech is built into all of our draining groove jigs. When using a heavy 1/2" router we found that the bars on the jig can bend or bow due to the weight of the router when routing out the grooves. 

This can result in either inconsistent groove widths or uneven/wavy grooves, depending on the type of cutter used.

We have adjustable grub screws placed in every other rail to support the router to prevent poor cutting performance.