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James Barry Sharpening

Double-Sided General Purpose Credit Card Stone Kit

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Developed By James Barry Sharpening. For Sharpening & Polishing

Professional double-sided credit card stone, ideal for sharpening carbide and HSS.

Kit contents:

  • 1 x ECCCM 300/600 credit card Stone
  • 1 x 3" Non Slip mat
  • 1 x 100ml Lapping Fluid
  • 1 x Lstrop3 Leather strop
  • 1 x 20gm Mirror Paste
  • 1 x Cleaning bloc
  • 1 x 100% brushed canvas storage pouch wth Zip

Unique and Robust

This precision credit card stone is perfect for precision honing and gaining the keenest edge. Superb for getting the keenest edge on small fluted, shaped turning and carving tools.

The unique 1.6mm thickness of the credit card stone gives you fantastic stability and rigidity, preventing the "flexing" that typically occurs with cheaper versions.

Hand-Made British Leather Strop

Just like the diamond credit card stone, this leather strop is double sided with a rough and fine side. After sharpening tools on the stone, create an incredibly fine edge with the mirror paste and strop.

For any sharpening enthusiast this leather strop is the best to have on hand. To be used in conjunction with the finishing mirror paste (with a grit of 10000) you're blades will be in tip-top condition. This leather strop can literally make your blades shine.

Original Formula Lapping Fluid

Specially designed fluid for use with diamond abrasives, used in the engineering industry for over 35 years. This is the original formula, created by diamond sharpening expert James Barry.

Oils that are sometimes used in sharpening are too thick for diamond sharpening and result in the tools skating over the substrate. The synthetic-based petroleum lubricant is specifically designed with the correct viscosity for using on electroplated diamond stones ensuring good contact between the tool and the diamond whilst reducing the possibility of excessive swarf and protecting the stone from rusting.

Finishing Mirror Paste

Microfine abrasive paste achieves a mirror finish after initial sharpening using a leather strop. Very fast and gives tools a super keen cutting edge to give clean accurate cuts.

Simply apply the paste to the strop, rub to absorb and then stroke the edge to be polished across the strop until polished clean. The paste is 8,000 - 10,000 grit, and it can be used on a buffing wheel.