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James Barry Sharpening

6" x 2" - Diamond Bench Stone Kit - 1000 & 300 Grit - E6DBSKIT

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James Barry Sharpening 6" x 2" double-sided diamond bench stone kit. A superb kit for sharpening, honing and polishing.

In the kit you'll receive:

1 x E6DBS 6" x 2" double-sided diamond sharpening stone 1000 grit one side and 300 grit the other.

1 x Carry case

1 x None slip mat

1 x 8" leather double-sided leather strop

1 x Cleaning block

1 x 100ml bottle of lapping fluid

1 x 20g Mirror Paste

This small bench stone is ideal for the Woodcarvers as they do not need the full length of travel or width that the larger stones offer. A continual diamond surface on each side ensures that there is no threat of “snagging” or  “catching” when sharpening smaller or pointed tooling.  The precision-ground substrate ground to +/- 0.0005" makes it perfect for plane irons and chisels up to 50mm wide. Suitable for spindle knives or other tooling which requires sharpening from the flat side to ensure the profile edge is correctly honed. Clearly marked grit sizes on the surface of the stone. Use James Barry Sharpening lapping fluid to guarantee a warranty of 5 years.

The 8" x 3" Double-sided Leather Honing Strop has one side fine & one side course and fits neatly in with your Bench stone in the James Barry Sharpening storage pouch. Superb for honing your blades once sharpened and used with James Barry Sharpening Mirror Paste for a razor edge and a mirror like finish.

All our leather strops are hand made in Britain, by professional craftsmen. 

James Barry Mirror Paste is a microfine abrasive paste which achieves a keen edge and mirror like finish extremely quickly using a leather strop after your initial sharpening.  Simply apply the paste to the strop, rub to absorb and then stroke the edge to be polished across the strop until polished clean. 

The paste is 8,000 - 10,000 grit, and it can be used on a buffing wheel. 

Important Technical Information:     

Following the success of Lapping fluid, it has been copied and companies have tried to reproduce the original formula. The only brand now selling the original product is James Barry Sharpening.  


Product code: E6DBSKIT